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Our best selling lawn mowers — 22″ Recycler walk behind mowers are packed with innovative features like Personal Pace self propel, Bag on Demand system, and Recycler mulching system. Choose from options like Smart Stow storage, electric start, Spin-Stop blade brake system and much more.

Introducing SmartStow™ - the storage feature that uses up to 70%* less space (Model 20339 only)
Personal Pace® self propel system automatically adjusts to your walking speed (Select models only)
Bag on Demand allows you to switch from mulching to bagging in seconds while leaving the bag on the mower (Select models only)
Finish mowing faster with the 22" wide cutting deck and ground speeds up to 4.5 mph

Personal Pace Self Propel

Toro’s innovative Personal Pace® self propel system automatically senses and adapts to your walking speed. Walk faster and the mower self propels faster to match your pace.
(Available on select models.)


Recycler Cutting System

The front throw chamber and Atomic® blade lift, suspend, and re-cut clippings into super fine mulch for a healthy, lush looking turf.


Spin-Stop™ System

This convenient safety feature stops the blade, but not the engine, so you can step away for a moment without having to restart the engine.
(Available on select models.)


Bag on Demand

With our innovative Bag-On-Demand feature, you can switch from mulching to bagging in seconds with a flip of the quick-change lever – and the bag can stay mounted in either mode. Thanks to an open single-piece handle design, you can quickly and easily remove and reinstall the bag.


Recessed Front Wheels

Allows for better trimming and maneuverability.


Auto Choke

No need to choke or prime the engine – just start the mower and go!


Electric Start

Starts with the push of a button. There’s no need to choke or prime the engine.
(Available on select models.)


Washout Port

The deck washout port is a convenient way to clean the bottom of the deck – maintaining optimum airflow for high performance.


3 Year Guaranteed-to-Start

Starts on one or two pulls for up to three years. See retailer for warranty details.


2-Year Full Warranty

This product is covered by a two-year full warranty. See your dealer for warranty details.