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POWERVAC™ Collection Systems

A night-and-day difference from the ordinary.

Building on more than 40 years of airflow research, Grasshopper PowerVacª Collection Systems for Grasshopper True ZeroTurnª mowers are the most powerful, maneuverable and efficient leaf-collecting, grass-catching and debris-removing equipment available for turf.

Watch the PowerVac™ Collection System in action

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Every PowerVac™ features a rear-mounted collector for zero-turn maneuvering and a deck-driven vacuum that create a professional, finished look every time. Make a clean sweep through virtually any lawn debris, removing wet grass and high-moisture leaves, pine straw, dethatching debris, small sticks, seed pods and acorns, paper, litter and tough weeds.

The force of the cutting blades discharges clippings and debris directly into the trash-ingesting steel impeller, reducing and compacting debris in the vacuum collector, so you’ll enjoy clog-free performance, even in adverse conditions, to leave a manicured look that will turn even the pickiest neighbors green with envy.

Grasshopper’s exclusive Quik-D-Tatch® Vac system allows quick conversion to side discharge or Down Discharge™ mulching in seconds without tools, and can be reinstalled just as easily, making PowerVac™ perfect for commercial operators servicing multiple accounts.